Believing in the Divine Presence || 2022


The Waiting is the Hardest Part

We stand on the threshold of the Advent season, called to practice the pause, to savor the waiting, to patiently take this season day by day, step by step, even as the rest of the world races toward the finish line, tinsel and gift wrap trailing behind like a holiday parade float. This is a season that calls us to rest in the tension between darkness and light, between birth and death, between what is and what will be. It’s not easy, but if we are willing to venture onto this road less traveled, what we will find is the peace we have been seeking, the beauty of a world unseen, the joy that comes not from exterior trappings but from interior wisdom built around the One who is and was and is to come.

As we begin our journey, plunged into the darkness of the physical world around us, can we set our lives to a slower cadence, a sacred rhythm, God’s timing rather than the world’s? Can we hold a space — free of the holiday hysteria and pre-Christmas chaos — and allow the Light of God’s unconditional and eternal love to come to rest and grow in our hearts?

The world says, “Hurry! Decorate, shop, bake, wrap.” Advent says, “Stop! Look, listen, anticipate, pray.” Which will you choose? Put yourself in God’s presence today, even if only for five minutes, and wait there, knowing that God is with you today, tomorrow, always.

O come, o come, Emmanuel, God with us.

Daily Advent Reflections

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In Advent, we have a great opportunity to develop certain habits of welcoming Christ into every day of our lives.

-Mike Aquilina

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Seven ways to welcome Jesus into your everyday life this Advent

If we sense something missing in our lives, if we lack a sense of purpose, if we struggle to find meaning in world events and personal crises, then maybe now is a good time — a time given by God — to recover the passion of our ancestors in the faith. We’re all busy. But if you can find time in your day for a little bit of TV, radio, snacking, or web surfing, you can make time to pray. Consider the following traditional practices.

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Jesus says: ‘Keep awake at all times praying’ (Luke 21:36). It is prayer that keeps the lamp of the heart burning. Especially when we feel that enthusiasm is cooling, prayer rekindles it, because it brings us back to God, to the center of things.

Pope Franics

-November 28 Angelus

Everything you need to know about the Advent wreath

The Advent wreath originated from a pagan European tradition, which consisted of lighting candles during the winter to ask the sun god to return with his light and warmth. The first missionaries took advantage of this tradition to evangelize to people and taught them that they should use the Advent wreath as a way of preparing for Christ’s birth, and to celebrate his nativity and beg Jesus to infuse his light in their souls.

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