Religious Education

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The Office of Religious Education serves the ongoing redemptive mission of Jesus Christ through fostering and developing lifelong evangelization and catechetical processes. We form leaders for a catechetical ministry that integrates a social justice perspective and that responds to the needs of the diverse peoples of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

The Office of Religious Education has evolved over the years to serve more authentically and efficiently the needs of the local Catholic population. Throughout its history, the Office has been concerned with the diverse cultural needs of Catholics in Los Angeles, with the needs of lay catechetical ministers, and with supporting an experiential catechetical process which connects faith and life. The present structure flows from a commitment to a ministry of presence and of enablement. Consultants are available to offer you further assistance in each area.

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Our Staff

Sr. Rosalia Meza, V.D.M.F.

Senior Director


(213) 637-7469

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Ministry with Young People (Confirmation/Junior High/ High School)

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