ACES Email Service

The Archdiocesan Community E-mail Service, better known as ACES, is an email system designed to facilitate communication between Archdiocesan offices and parishes.
To create an ACES account, or to register your personal email, you need to use your parish location code in addition to your parish zip code. 
There are three types of ACES accounts:
§  Parish ACES account: The Archdiocese assigned a designated email address for each parish. This email address belongs to the parish. Pastors and/or Administrator as well as appropriate staff should have full access to this account and regularly check it for announcements and notices.
Click here to log into your parish account.

§  Individual ACES account: For this type of account, you need to create an individual email address and password. This email and password will be saved with an Archdiocesan web domain, (your-name To log on and access ACES email messages, you need to log on from the Archdiocesan website. A priest would keep the same individual ACES email address for the duration of his ministry in the Archdiocese. When a priest transfers parishes, you would just need to log into your account and update your parish information. Click here to create a new account.

§  Registered personal email: This is your personal email address (e.g. Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Outlook, etc.) that is registered on the ACES email address list. With this type of account, archdiocesan email messages are sent to your personal email address and devices. However, with a registered personal email account, you cannot access the Archdiocesan Intranet to download forms. This can only be done with a Parish account or an Individual ACES account that you created. Please note that after you register a personal account, you will receive a confirmation notice to the address you registered. Please follow the instructions to complete your registration. Click here to register a personal email address
Please check with your Parish Business Manager or other staff with direct access to the parish ACES email. If no one in your parish remembers, or if you cannot locate the password for the parish ACES account, please contact the ACC Helpdesk at or (213) 637-7699 and request to have your parish ACES password reset.
For Clergy, if you experience any issues registering your personal email onto ACES or if you cannot determine your location code, please contact the Database Coordinator at (213) 637-7439. All others should please contact the ACC Help Desk.