Strengthening Marriages and Families


Marriage and family are at the heart of God’s plan. In the Bible’s first pages, we read about the marriage of Adam and Eve. In its last pages, we read about the “wedding feast” of Jesus and his Church. Jesus was born and raised in a family. He performed his first miracle at a wedding. And he gave his Church the mission of completing God’s plan — proclaiming that God is our Father and inviting all nations to live as one family. Family is the natural bond that holds every society together.

Families face many challenges, which we must confront. But the key to renewal is for us to rediscover the beauty and simplicity of family in God’s plan. There is something unique — beautiful and sacred — about the relationship between man and woman in marriage. Their union creates new life, a new generation of society. We are called to support families trying to live these truths. We reach out with tenderness to those who have trouble living these truths. Marriage is a sacrament — a living sign of God’s love. It is a vocation — a calling to spouses to bear witness to God’s love and build his Kingdom, his family on earth.

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The Archbishop on Family

“Family is where we learn our name and where our personalities and values are formed. It is where we learn how to pray and how to share our thoughts and emotions. It is where we learn how to give love and receive love and how to make sacrifices and live with our differences.”