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Supports families through daily prayer and by striving to provide clergy, staff, volunteers and families themselves with the resources, training and support they need to live out God’s Plan for them as “little churches” of the home.

Note: Due to the Covid Pandemic and the inability to have In-Person meetings, the Office of Marriage and Family Life is offering in both English and Spanish One Day Marriage Preparation Zoom Sessions. For further information in English please contact Candy Metoyer at: and in Spanish Graciela Villalobos at:

Aviso: Debido a la Pandemia de Covid, la Oficina de Vida Familiar está ofreciendo en Español y Inglés sesiones virtuales de Preparación Matrimonial a través de zoom. Para más información en español póngase en contacto con Graciela Villalobos: en inglés Candy Metoyer:


How to Connect Family and Faith at Home (PDF) | Cómo Conectar Familia y Fe en el Hogar (PDF)

Marriage Preparation (Spanish) | Natural Family Planning (NFP)

Retrouvaille Ministry (Marriage Help) | Separated & Divorced (Spanish)

Celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family by downloading the bilingual activity sheet. (English/Spanish)

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Holiday Season- Notice: The Office of Marriage and Family Life’s Offices will be closed from December 24th through January 3rd.  The emails will not be monitored and replies will not be sent. Please contact us after January 3rd.

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