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Formación de Catequistas

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Welcome to the catechist formation Page

We are grateful to all our catechists that serve in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. We want to offer them support, resources, and formation.

This page will give information about the California Catechist Certification process, please visit our different ORE pages for other services we offer.


The whole Christian community is responsible for the ministry of catechesis…

A Catechists is a Christian who receives a particular calling from God that, when accepted in faith, empowers them for the service of the transmission of faith and for the task of initiating others in the Christian life.

By the virtue of faith and baptismal anointing, in collaboration with the Magisterium of Christ and as a servant of the action of the Holy Spirit, the catechists is:

  • A witness of faith and keeper of the memory of God
  • A teacher and a mystagogue
  • An accompanier and educator of those who are entrusted to them by the Church.
    Directory for Catechesis 2020 # 111-113

The Office of Religious Education provides formation for the certification of catechists in accordance with the guidelines established by the California Catholic Conference of Bishops. CA Guidelines.pdf


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Contact Information: 

Flor de Maria Luna
Coordinator of Catechists Formation or (213) 637-7654

Giovanni Perez
Coordinator of Catechist Formation (Spanish) (213) 637-7344

Elizabeth Argueta
Administrative Assistant or (213) 637-7358