Reporting Child Abuse

Forms and Resources

Need to report abuse? Responding to a disclosure of abuse?

The following information is intended to assist victim-survivors, mandated reporters, and any person working or volunteering in the Archdiocese, to report suspected abuse and/or respond to a disclosure of abuse by complying with reporting laws, and responding knowledgably and with compassion. Forms and documents are available to guide you. If you have any questions regarding this information or these forms, please call the Archdiocesan Victims Assistance Ministry Office at 213-637-7650 or on our toll-free number (800) 355-2545.

Reporting Suspected Abuse in California

Suspected child abuse or neglect should be reported to the appropriate law enforcement or child protective agency in the city and county where the alleged abuse occurred.  Contact information for child protection agencies and several law enforcement agencies within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles is listed below.

If you suspect an elderly person or vulnerable is being abused, that too should be reported. Information for Adult Protective Services is organized by county and is available at:

If you are unsure who to contact, your own local law enforcement agency should be able to assist you.

All employees and volunteers within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles who suspect abuse are expected to contact Victims Assistance Ministry and, as appropriate, make reports to civil authorities.

If someone is in immediate danger or has just been injured, please call 911.

Los Angeles County:
LA County Department of Children & Family Services & Child Protective Hotline: (800) 540-4000
LAPD Investigative Control Unit for All Child Abuse Reports: (213) 486-0530
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department:
Special Victims Bureau (24 hours) (562) 946-8531
To speak to a Detective (562) 946-7960
LA County Department Children & Family Services Emergency Response Command Post: (213) 639-4500

Santa Barbara County:
Santa Barbara County Child Abuse Hotline: (800) 367-0166
District Attorney Victim-Witness Assistance: (805) 568-2400

Ventura County:
Ventura County Adult & Child Abuse Hotline: (805) 654-3200
District Attorney Victim’s Services: (805) 654-3622

In an emergency, dial 911.

Reporting Suspected Abuse in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles

If you, or someone you know, was abused by someone affiliated with our church, you or the person harmed have the right to report that abuse – Victims Assistance Ministry exists to receive such reports, provide support and resources, and ensure that the appropriate civil authorities have been informed.

If you are a mandated reporter working or volunteering in the Archdiocese and you receive an allegation of, or come to suspect, child abuse of any kind – contact the appropriate civil authority promptly AND contact Victims Assistance Ministry for additional guidance.

The following forms and documents are for reporting child abuse.  If you have any questions regarding these forms, please call the Archdiocesan Victims Assistance Office at (213) 637-7650 or our toll-free number (800)-355-2545.

Responding to an Allegation of Suspected Child Abuse
Document outlining Procedures for Pastoral Response and Mandated Reporting of any allegation of Abuse or Neglect of a Minor.  (Revised 11/2015)

Responding to an allegation of suspected child abuse (PDF)
Respondiendo a una alegación de sospecha de abuso de niños [Spanish] (PDF)

Suspected Child Abuse Report Form
The following forms are from the State of California Department of Justice.  For use by mandated reporters to notify a reporting agency (local law enforcement, county probation or county welfare department) about suspected cases of child abuse. Also may be used to cross-report to another reporting agency.

Form SS 8572 – Suspected Child Abuse Report Form