Marriage Tribunal

Telephone: (213) 637-7245

The Marriage Tribunal is an extension of the Archbishop’s juridical ministry to the people of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  This office is staffed by priests, deacons, religious and lay persons trained in Canonical Law together with their support staff.

The ministry of the Marriage Tribunal is one part of the Church’s effort to offer healing and hope to the victims of failed marriages.  The Tribunal investigates these situations to determine whether the parties in certain instances may be free to remarry.

Faithful to Catholic tradition, we maintain the innate dignity of marriage and the Gospel’s prohibition against arbitrary and unwarranted divorce.  At the same time, we live in an imperfect society in which divorce is a common reality.  In accord with Canon Law, all previously married individuals (Catholic or not) have the right to seek clarification of the canonical status of their previous marriage(s).

We hope that the information contained on the following pages will help you to become acquainted with our ministry on behalf of the Church.  We also present information for parish marriage case ministers on the procedures to be followed in preparing cases for consideration by the Tribunal.

While we continue to migrate content to our new website, we invite you to find our resources here.

Our Staff

Bobbie Lopez

Office Manager