Education in the Faith

Our schools and religious education programs help our people to know Jesus Christ and to know God’s plan for our lives and our world. In a culture that seeks the true meaning of life and the key to happiness and success, the Catholic vision gives us the right answers and shows us the right path. So many of the problems in our homes and in society can be traced to the fact that we no longer have a clear idea of what it means to be human. Young people are offered so many false promises and crooked paths.

The question for all times was asked in the Psalms: “What is man?” What does it mean to be human? Jesus showed us that we are creatures of great dignity, made in the image of God, redeemed by the Son of God, born for greater things — for beauty and goodness, for love and truth. Our faith should make all the difference in our lives. All of our religious education is designed to inspire people to know their faith so that they can live it more fully — with greater love and devotion.

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The Archbishop on Education

“We know that God has created us with reason and freedom to enable us to discover the truth about reality and to live according to that truth. So the proper function of education is to be transformative. It is to help form young men and women so they become the people whom God created them to be.”