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Serves as a repository for documents, books and related materials pertaining to the history of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and its predecessor jurisdictions in California since 1840. The Archival Center collects, preserves, interprets and provides access to these materials. The Archival Center also conducts a variety of “reach out” programs involving the editing and publication of materials for the benefit of the historical and ministerial community.

San Fernando Mission, seventeenth of the frontier institutions established along El Camino Real, is primarily a museum, operated as a window to California’s Catholic past. Its purpose is to collect and display historical artifacts relating to evangelization prior to 1840 in an authentic colonial environment. By extension, the museum also serves the spiritual function of a chapel-of-ease by providing Sunday and Weekday Masses. Marriages and funerals also take place at the Old Mission.

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(818) 365-1501

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