Promoting Vocations

Every life is a calling, a vocation. God calls us into being for a reason. Jesus calls each of us by name and calls us to conversion. He calls us to live not for ourselves, but to glorify God and to serve our brothers and sisters. Following Jesus means listening to his voice and following the bright light of his life. Jesus wants to draw everything in our ordinary lives into the light of his divine life. He calls each of us to radiate his light in a unique way. This is true for everyone.

Some, however, are chosen by Jesus for a special calling, to conform their lives more closely to his. Some he chooses for his priesthood, some to follow him in religious and consecrated life in the Church. So we have to listen for the voice of Christ and we have to respond to his call with all our hearts and all our strength. A vocation always has a context and that context is always the Church. So our task in the Church is to welcome and accompany people and to open their hearts to know God’s calling.

News & Events on Vocations

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The Archbishop on Vocations

“It begins with a decision to live in a totally new way, so that we can achieve a new goal, a new purpose for our lives. To reach that goal requires dedication, sacrifice and daily, patient practice aimed at self-mastery of body, mind and spirit.”