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I​f you are in Life, Justice & Peace ministry at your parish, thank you. We’re here to support you. The mission of the Church is evangelization. So our mission as Life, Justice & Peace leaders is to evangelize Christ as we encounter Him in the most vulnerable in our communities. We hope to equip you as missionary disciples to be the best leaders you can be.

Upcoming Regional Leadership Meetings 
Join us for our annual Life, Justice, and Peace Leadership Training. Invite friends and fellow parish leaders. We will equip parish leaders with the tools and strategy to inform and guide parishioners on how they can continue making an impact in their parishes this year!
Date: March 22, 2020
Time: 7:00pm on Zoom
Zoom Link and details will be emailed to you once you register. 



Getting Started with Your Life, Justice and Peace Ministry Team

Form Your Leadership

Create An Effective Ministry

Review helpful ideas and tips for your parish ministry:


Parish ministries are not meeting face to face right now. But, that doesn’t mean your ministry has to slow down! Now is a great time to reach new people, educate and form parishioners, and accompany those in need. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Hold online meetings or events
  • Invite speakers or create panels of experts on a subject
  • Ask your parish office if there is a list of sick or homebound parishioners who could use friendly phone calls
  • Identify a local service organization and do a virtual fundraiser
  • Participate in a rosary novena for peace
  • Listen to Pope Francis’ audience messages about Catholic social ministry and discuss
  • Watch videos on Catholic Social Teaching and have a virtual discussion
  • Promote Civilize It in your parish through email, social media, or phone conversations. Encourage people to be active this political season but to keep the focus on living their faith and loving their neighbor! (Download the Pledge 2020 and the Bulletin Insert (PDF Versions)

If you need ideas on how to better engage your parish community feel free to contact Gina Vides at​ or (213) 637-7690

Click here for quick tutorials on how to use Zoom to engage with your ministry virtually.

Click here to learn how to Schedule a Meeting (1 Minute and 7 seconds long)

Click here for information on Meeting Room Controls (so you can administer in-meeting aspects, like participants, chat room, and screen sharing) (10 Minutes and 16 seconds long)

Click here to read a ‘Getting started’ article.

Click here for further concerns about Zoom’s security features.

Host A Leadership Training Webinar

Our Parish Strategist, Gina Vides and Associate Director, Adrian Flores will co-host a parish leadership training and train your group on how to implement your Life, Justice and Peace ministry in your parish. Contact our team today!

Contact your OLJP Parish Leadership Staff

Adrian Flores
Phone: (213) 637-7421

Gina Vides
Phone: (213) 637-7690

Helpful Writings by Archbishop Gomez

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