Respect Life Month

October is Respect Life Month. This year, the Office of Life, Justice and Peace has chosen topics that are at the center of our world. Our hope is that these topics enlighten and remind us that at the heart of each issue is the human person. The “topics” are not just theoretical or political, but they are personal because they affect our lives and the lives of our brothers and sisters. 

To create a world where every person is loved, each person must spread kindness, mercy and an authentic understanding of being part of the human family. Only then will abortion and other attacks on human life end.

Over these past months, we have seen civil unrest and chaos spread across our country. Now more than ever, people of faith must be the voice of reason as we seek unity and spread mercy.

“We are a nation founded on ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’, but the right to life itself is not fully protected, especially for unborn children, the terminally ill, and the elderly, the most vulnerable members of the American family. We are called to be peacemakers in a nation at war. We are a country pledged to pursue ‘liberty and justice for all,’ but we are too often divided across lines of race, ethnicity, and economic inequality. We are a nation of immigrants, struggling to address the challenges of many new immigrants in our midst. We are a society built on the strength of our families, called to defend marriage and offer moral and economic supports for family life. We are a powerful nation in a violent world, confronting terror and trying to build a safer, more just, more peaceful world. We are an affluent society where too many live in poverty and lack health care and other necessities of life. We are part of a global community charged with being good stewards of the earth’s environment, what Pope Francis calls ‘our common home,’ which is being threatened. These challenges are at the heart of public life and at the center of the pursuit of the common good. They are intertwined and inseparable.”



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Resources for Reflection and Discussion

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Downloadable Resources:

Prayer Card (Click here to access the PDF File of this image)

Social Cards (Images and PDF’s that you can share and download)

New Quote Prayer Card (PDF)

Intercessions for the month of October as respect life month (PDF)

Additional Leadership Resources:


RLW is a free, K-12, multimedia, online, interdisciplinary curriculum covering a multitude of topics. It’s a great way to talk about life issues with religion classes or religious ed. Some of our high school handouts are great for adult formation as well. These ones discuss topics like post abortion healing, adoption, and mental health.

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