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Mental Health and Loneliness

Sad pensive woman sitting by the window

So many people in our world are struggling with mental health issues, depression, anxiety, loneliness, hopelessness and addiction. This life is not what God intended when he created each unique  and unrepeatable person!  At the heart of these maladies is the search for meaning and happiness — a search that finds fulfillment only in the love of God.

Many are grappling with these issues and have lost the knowledge of their self worth.  Once a person loses focus of the knowledge that God created him or her individually, out of infinite love, for a  very specific reason, it is easy to begin doubting one’s self worth and purpose. 

As our world becomes more and more polarized and large portions of our community are isolated due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is increasingly important for the Catholic community come together in unity to share the love of Jesus and help people recognize their meaning and purpose.

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