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Bishop David O’Connell served the San Gabriel Pastoral Region from 2015 until his death in 2023. Throughout his priestly ministry, especially in the parishes he served at in South Central Los Angeles, Bishop Dave found it very fruitful for people to reflect in small groups on the upcoming Sunday Gospel. He found it to be very powerful to help people connect their lives with Jesus in the Gospels. Bishop Dave would be so delighted if people would continue to experience the Gospel Reflection Process. Below is a letter Bishop Dave wrote to parishes and individuals to encourage them to use this scriptural practice as part of their ministry and their lives.

Dear San Gabriel Pastoral Region,

I would love to see all our parishes in San Gabriel Pastoral Region using the Gospel Reflection Process as part of parish life. This is the best way I know to build spiritual unity among our people.

When people are coming together for ministry meetings, pastoral council meeting or any gatherings in the parish, it is good to take 15-20 minutes at the beginning of the meeting to do this Gospel Reflection Process. When done properly it gets people talking to each other on a deeper human and spiritual level. They develop sympathy among them and they are drawn closer together.

Below are links to PDF’s for each Sunday of the month. It is good to use the upcoming Sunday’s Gospel for the Reflection Process. The PDF’s include the Sunday Gospel Reading and also the instructions on how to use this Gospel Reflection Process. Please note – all PDF’s are included in both English and Spanish. We invite you to print these documents and use them to help you in your ministry.

This Gospel Reflection Process transformed my life as a priest and helped bring about a spiritual renewal of the parish life. Many blessings to you as you continue to serve the people of our region.

Yours in Christ,
Bishop David O’Connell




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