Marriage Tribunal Petition Forms

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Nullity and Dissolution Cases:

2020 Formal Trial Petition Form for Marriage Nullity (English)
2020 Forma para Peticíon de Proceso de Nulidad Matrimonial (Español)

Favor of the Faith (English)
Favor de la Fe (Español) 

Pauline Privilege (English)
Privilegio Paulino (Español) 

Ligamen/Prior Bond (English)
Ligamen/Vínculo Anterior Válido (Español)

Lack of Canonical Form, Testimonial Letters, Dispensations, Permissions, etc. for Marriage Preparation

Lack of Form Petition (English)
Falta de Forma Canónica (Español)

Lack of Form Sample Letter to the other Party.docx (English) *Please note this is a word document
Ejemplo de carta para el ex cóyuge.docx (Español) *Por favor notar que este es un documento en forma Word

Dispensation from Canonical Form (English)
Dispensa de Forma Canónica (Español)

Radical Sanation Form (English)
Sanación en la Raíz (Español)

Dispensation from Consanguinity (English)
Dispensa de Consanguinidad (Español)

Dispensation from Disparity of Worship (English)
Dispensa de Disparidad de Culto (Español)

Permission for Mixed Marriage (English)
Permiso de Matrimonio Mixto (Español)

Testimonial Letters or Nihil Obstat (English)
Cartas Testimoniales o Nihil Obstat(Español)

Prenuptial Inquiry Form and Necessary Documentation (English)

Pastoral Guide for the Preparation of Marriage Cases (English)
Guía Pastoral para la Preparación de los Casos de Matrimonio (Español)

What type of Case is it? (English)
¿Que Tipo de Caso Es? (Español)

Forms offered here are for use of specially trained clergy, religious and lay persons who offer assistance to parties who are seeking clarification regarding their marital status in the Church or who need special permissions or dispensations in preparation for their marriage.