Retrouvaille Ministry

Separated and Divorced

Retrouvaille is an effective yet affordable Catholic ministry which provides hope and healing for married couples who live with the disappointment and pain of marriage problems whether at the beginning stages of dissatisfaction, on the brink of divorce, or even divorced.

First, the Friday-Sunday Weekend, where couples learn how to communicate in a sincere, respectful, and loving way.  Next are the vital follow-up workshops (“Post Sessions”) to address specific issues. Finally, couples attend monthly support meetings (“CORE”: Continuing Our Retrouvaille Experience).  

Retrouvaille works! ‘In a recent study of over 5,000 respondents, 76% of all couples that completed the entire program were still together five years later.’

For more information visit their website here.


2020 Weekends

(English Unless Specified Spanish)

*Note: Below the dates that are “Cancelled” are due to COVID-19 issues

*Update on July 13, 2020: Retrouvaille will be having a Virtual Weekend starting on Thursday, July 30 at 5 pm P.T. and ending Sunday, August 2. It is suggested that couples  sign up under the community nearest them.  Click here to view a list of communities.  For more information, please call 909-900-5465.


Month/Date Location Notes
January 24-26 Orange County English
February 7-9 Los Angeles Spanish
February 21-23 Santa Clarita English
February 21-23 San Fernando Spanish
March 13-15 Los Angeles English
March 13-15 San Diego Spanish


April 17-19 San Diego English


May 1-3 Orange County English


June 5-7 Santa Clarita English


June 19-21 San Fernando Spanish


July 30-August 2 VIRTUAL WEEKEND Starting Thursday at 5pm PT

All couples interested sign up here to

view a list of communities. 

July 31-August 2 Los Angeles Spanish


August 14-16 Riverside English

* See note below

September 11-13 Orange County English


September 11-13 San Diego English


September 25-27 San Diego Spanish


October 16-18 San Fernando Spanish


November 6-8 Santa Clarita English
December 11-13 Los Angeles English

Weekend only in city of Riverside. Post Sessions and CORE are in the city of Alhambra (San Gabriel Valley).


English Communities Spanish Communities
Los Angeles: 909-900-5465 Los Angeles: 818-996-0821
Santa Clarita: 661-257-7980 San Fernando: 818-367-4198
Orange County: 714-306-6469 San Diego: 619-423-0182
San Diego County: 951-259-9474

All other areas: 800-470-2230



Refer Married Couples To Retrouvaille

Refer married couples to Retrouvaille when one or both spouses are experiencing frustration, anger, resentment, and/or are unable to communicate respectfully or on a meaningful level.  Couples can be married for any length of time and do not have to be Catholic.

Add “Hurting Couples” To Your  Prayers Of The Faithful

Pray for all married couples, especially those in crisis.  Pray that God will soften any “hearts of stone, heal the broken-hearted, and restore relationships and families”.

Postcards, Etc.

Place Retrouvaille material in each of the church vestibules, the parish office, priests’ offices, confessionals, and in the parish school office.  To receive Retrouvaille postcards or other material at no cost, call or text 626-533-2261 or 909-900-5465.

Bulletin Announcements

Rotate bulletin announcements monthly to help your parish become aware of Retrouvaille Weekends, which take place year-around throughout California.

Call 909-900-5465 for copy in English and Spanish.

In your listing of “Ministries”,  please include: “Marriage Help…Retrouvaille…… 800-470-2230”.

Pulpit Announcements

To obtain an informative 30-40 second pulpit announcement script for the presiding priest or your deacon, call 909-900-5465.  If preferred, a Retrouvaille couple can make a 60 second announcement following each Mass to inform your parishioners of the availability of this ministry for any married couple experiencing difficulties in their relationship.


A Retrouvaille couple is available to give a ten-minute overview of this successful Catholic program to your marriage-related ministries or school parent meeting.

Parish Schools

At the beginning of the school year, or whenever registration takes place, provide each school family with a handout to inform them of this ministry.  Thirty days are required to print large quantities.

Priest Presenters

HELP NEEDED!  Along with the three Presenting Couples, priests are an indispensable part of the Presenting Team.  Minimal time is required. Retrouvaille Presenting Teams collectively save  more marriages than any other ministry in the world.  If you’re a priest who would like to experience a no-strings-attached Weekend free, call 626-533-2261 or 909-900-5465 for more information.