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Certified Bible Study Leaders are required by the Office of Religious Education to re-certify every three years. Recertification encompasses ongoing formation in spiritual, theological, and Biblical study and reflection.

Recertification candidates may enter at the beginning of either Year One or Year Two.

Those who have completed the three-year CBI process are invited to attend the monthly sessions. Please keep in mind it is a yearlong commitment. We put you in a group that gathers three times during the day to talk about what we heard and how it relates to our life. Think of this as what it is, a Bible Faith Sharing group. Your presence is needed and expected.

The fee for recertification is $50 for the year. 

Follow the links for the schedules and registration information:

Year One: Old Testament and

Year Three: Art of Bible Facilitation

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The mission of the Catholic Bible Institute is to provide a space for study and reflection so that you might lose your life and find it again in Jesus. Learn more here.

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