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(From the diocese of San Antonio)

If you feel that you may be called to become a deacon, first we encourage you to reflect on it in prayer. Next, schedule some time to visit with your pastor about the diaconate and seek his counsel. We would also suggest that you talk with deacons about their vocation and their responsibilities to get a clear understanding of what a deacon does and is. Most importantly, discuss this with an open heart with your wife and family, if you are married.

There are many resources on the diaconte for both the men and wives of married men who are interested in the diaconate.  Time invested in a search for knowledge will help in a healthy discussion about this ministry with your family and pastor.

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Some resources/books that we might suggest are:

The Liturgical Ministry of Deacons, Liturgical Press,

Michael Kwatera, Partners in the Process, Liturgical Press, 2005

Karen A. Harmeyer & Maria Thompson MacLaughlin, Partners in the Process, The Deacons’ Wives, Ligouri, 2005

Sherri L. Vallee, The Diaconate Question, Ministry and Liturgy 31, 2004


Information Days are held in English and Spanish.

Sign-ups are recommended for Information Days, but not necessary.  To sign up for an upcoming information day click here.

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