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Of loaves, fishes, and saints in the making

An old classmate of mine recently wrote me a letter and referred to my sister, Mary Agnes, as a living saint.

As her older brother, I of course laughed. Mary Agnes is strong-willed, passionate, idealistic, relentless. She’s also funny, smart, and charming, so long as you agree with her, my siblings might add. Saintly isn’t the first word that comes to mind, but lately I’m willing to reconsider.

Mary Agnes is the director of St. Margaret Center, a thriving Catholic Charities outpost located in Lennox off the 405 freeway, not far from LAX. One could argue that all that passion, stubbornness, and idealism are the perfect traits for someone dedicated to serving the poorest and most defenseless among us. It doesn’t hurt that she seems to have a bottomless love for those she serves as well.

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