St. Sebastian School (LA)

1430 Federal Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90025-2302 United States

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Saint Sebastian School provides academic excellence in a Catholic, multilingual setting in order to prepare students to serve as faith-filled disciples in our global community.
​The Saint Sebastian School community believes…
Our school is a safe and supportive environment for all community members
Our diversity and our individuality enrich our Saint Sebastian Family
All community members can and will find joy in learning
In treating all of God’s Creation with respect and kindness, as Christ would
In developing critical thinkers committed to serving others
​St. Sebastian School is a Catholic, academic community serving Preschool through 8th grade children of diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. Following in the footsteps of Jesus as the model servant leader, St. Sebastian School is committed to forming morally aware young men and women who are well-prepared for high school, the university, and beyond through our comprehensive academic, faith-oriented program.

As a community of faith, St. Sebastian School collaborates with families to nurture student development in mind, body, and spirit. As an Archdiocesan school, we ensure the teachers and students are well-equipped with the tools necessary to provide a challenging, educational environment where students themselves are inspired to be servant leaders and agents of change for others as Jesus taught.

is the life and the light of Christ which serves as the core and the foundation for all we do at St. Sebastian School. By integrating elements of our faith into learning in two languages we provide the highest quality Catholic dual language educational experience. Students, teachers, and parents are called to integrate Gospel values into their daily lives through the experiences of prayer, service to others, as well as to celebrate the diverse cultural, socioeconomic, and linguistic backgrounds of all they encounter.

We are a Catholic dual language school in a vibrant community. The parish and parents work closely with the principal to ensure the necessary resources to provide a safe and nurturing environment. By recognizing that parents are the primary educators of our students, our faculty establishes a partnership to ensure effective and consistent communication. Together our dynamic community forms highly functional bilingual, bicultural, and biliterate students to go forth and evangelize.  ​

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Mrs. Karisa Avalos