St. Malachy School

1200 E. 81st. St.
Los Angeles, CA 90001-3308 United States

(323) 582-3112

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The mission of St. Malachy is to enable our students to realize their spiritual, intellectual, social physical, and psychological potential. We strive to cultivate a life-long love toward our Catholic faith and learning.


Saint Malachy School, located in the Florence District of South Central Los Angeles, serves to provide a strong Catholic educational foundation.

The dynamics of South Central have always been in constant transition. With so much change, our neighborhood lacks a past to draw upon. The surrounding area is one permeated with economic hardship, misunderstanding and diminishing expectations. As a result, crime, gangs, intolerance, and fear have penetrated every aspect of our community. Those who live in our community search for hope and identity.

Saint Malachy School is dedicated to improving the life of the community through the empowerment of our children. We offer hope and a positive faith centered identity. We are committed to break the cycles of poverty, ignorance, and spiritual emptiness.

Saint Malachy School is a safe haven, providing students with the knowledge, experience, and the courage to dream beyond the boundaries of South Central Los Angeles.

We nourish the love of God, Christ, and the Church. We teach respect and love of self and family, and we promote an appreciation for the larger global communities.

We have established a faith community that fosters the full growth of each individual-spiritual, aesthetic, intellectual, physical, and social. We foster self-assurance in students, which enables them to preserve and overcome.

We provide educational programs that enhance students’ ability to problem solve, think critically, think morally, and to make informed-intelligent decisions. Moreover, we strive to cultivate a life-long love of learning.

We appreciate parents as the primary educators and a powerful force in the educational and spiritual growth of our children. We also recognize that the dynamics of the community sometimes place our parents at a disadvantage. As such, our goals extend beyond the students and into the family, where we strive to be a system of support for our parents.

Our school climate encourages each individual student, parent, and educator to develop and nurture a system of Christian values, which will enable the individual to respond to an ever-changing world, and to live as a responsible contributor to our human community.

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