Support Groups & Retreats

Support Group for Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse or Neglect

The Archdiocesan Office of Victim Assistance Ministry periodically offers a support program for adult survivors of childhood abuse or neglect:  A Faith-Based Response to Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse and Neglect.

This recovery program uses a psycho-educational model.  The model is “educational” in that it teaches how the trauma of childhood abuse and neglect typically impacts individuals.   It is “psycho-educational” in that it provides tools for participants to safely examine and regulate their feelings, thought patterns and behavior.  The entire program is presented in the context of prayer for God’s healing and is not a psychotherapy group.

The program follows a ten week format and is available in both English and Spanish.  The dates, time and location of the next groups will be determined by interest. There is a telephone interview to assess participation in the group.

For inquiries about groups in the area, please contact:
Heather T. Banis or call (213) 637-7650 phone, or our toll-free number (800)-355-2545

Grief to Grace Retreats – Healing the Wounds of Abuse

Survivors of abuse are invited to end the isolation and shame of past trauma as you embrace mercy, love and a miraculous journey to wholeness.  Experience renewal and transformation of the toxic grief that lingers in your body and mind into a wellspring of cleansing grace to bring forth justice and inner peace.

Painful wounds can be the vehicle for exploring and revealing the deepest textures of your heart. As you   journey into the grief of your abuse, open your history to others and learn how to safely release the pain.  Allowing yourself to be taught in solidarity, without holding back, without denial or self blame. Grief to Grace provides a unique way to face the depth and tragedy of abuse while reclaiming your value and exceptional human dignity.

Grief to Grace is a five day psychological and spiritual journey for anyone who has suffered violation through physical, emotional or sexual abuse or neglect. It is appropriate for those who have endured rape, incest, or other forms of traumatic violation in childhood, adolescence or as an adult. It is an extremely effective healing journey for those who have suffered spiritual or sexual abuse by a member of the clergy. This model of care provides a powerful therapy for the soul.

Please contact us for more details about Grief to Grace Retreats by calling or emailing Jeannie at (610) 203-2002 or    Additional information and upcoming retreats in other locations can be found at  The retreat was composed by Dr. Theresa Burke, author of the Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats for healing after abortion.

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