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Please join us in offering a prayer for the intentions placed here from members of our faith community.

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  • Pray for the healing of all who are sick, dying, grieving, suffering, homeless, poor, struggling and in need of God’s blessings, miracles and intercession. May our faith continue to grow especially in times of difficulties and extreme challenges. Please bless our families, communities and the world with peace, love and kindness, Amen. Thank you very much God!


  • For continued good health and well being.

    Medina/ Perez Family

  • Dear Lord God, I pray that this pandemic the whole world is currently experiencing may end, so that there may no more suffering and tragic deaths affecting the lives of many families. Guide us all together with your guardian angels and keep us away from harm and that this problem too shall pass. I pray that we may have the strength and courage to overcome this challenge and all the other obstacles we may encounter in the future. Please give my future husband and I the wisdom to always have a positive mindset and that we may be able to start our own family soon by surviving all the challenges we may face. Amen.

    Guada Mata

  • I am going thru a marital crisis. My husband left and my teenage daughter has been with anxiety and depression. I’m praying everyday for my family to get back together and my husband to open his hearts to us.

    Diana Vasquez

  • To be obedient to Gods will in all of my moments. To follow Gods will promptly and confidently. For health for myself and my family, heart, body, mind, and soul. And to receive Gods prosperity, abundance, and riches, in all the ways that He would have them be. To be of service to God always in all of my ways. Amen. Thanks be to God.


  • Physical health and sustainable work with income to support myself and dependents.


  • That Our Blessed Lord may grant all couples who are heading towards marriage the strength and grace to practice chastity and avoid occasions of sin


  • For my husband to find a job/vocation that is fulfilling and that we have an abundant income.


  • Our family lost a stillborn baby just 2 weeks ago. Please pray for my daughter-in-law and son and for our family to be comforted in this difficult time.


  • That families will grow in holiness and have a greater love for our Lord and remain grateful during this challenging time.


  • Healing of a Sciatica pain. Medication or physio is not working.


  • I would like prayer to receive a miracle that will completely work in my favor. I would like my prayer to be honored and granted by God in Jesus name.


  • Healing pneumonia amid coronavirus threat and protection of all people.


  • For the conversion of our country & world to Jesus Christ our Lord, so that we may all be spared.

    Susie Leyva

  • Please pray for my dear friends who have tested positive for the coronavirus. She is quarantined at home with bronchitis and her husband is in intensive care with pneumonia.

    Elisa Alderete

  • death anniversary of my Mom, April 1


  • Please pray that all recover from the coronavirus in short time. Please pray I am with Faye forever. Please pray Ruby recovers and Ken, Catherine and Carolyn get better. Thank you for praying for me.


  • i pray that the good Lord provides strengh to those in need. The poor, sick, elderly, everyone around the world who is suffering. May he watch over my 4 children, grandchild,my elderly mom, friends and family. i’m thankful for all that i’ve been given and life itself. May God watch over Amanda who is presently in hospital carrying her 1st child. May she come into this world so we can love her and provider her with the word of the Lord. Amen


  • i trust you ! i know you will forever be with me.


  • For the community of Bishop Mora Salesian High Schooll including faculty, staff, students and their family members to renew their faith and may they all experience an encounter with the risen Jesus. For academic learning to continue and virtual spaces of connection. Also for the soul of Faustino Barba. For my family members especially those who are struggling with alcohol addiction, lust and all evil sin. For my home to be spiritually sanitized so that no trace of Corona Virus may enter into the space of our living. For a renewal in our Church and the many schisms that currently exist that the People of God be free of Pride and Fear. In Jesus Mighty Powerful Name, Amen.


  • Please pray for the recovery of Debra as she battles Covid-19.


  • that my home, my family, my animals, stay safe and well and that God extends an umbrealla of protection to us


  • That i keep my job so i can support my children.


  • Please pray for my brother-in-law Geoff Chapman for his speedy recovery from his concussion. Thank you!

    JoY Amaguin Felix

  • I am experiencing some health issues. I am trying to keep positive during this difficult time in my life.. Thank you.


  • Please pray for my father in law Deacon Genaro Ramos and his wife Maria Ramos they’re both sick in the hospital with coronavirus please pray for God’s healing

    Kelly Ramos

  • Requesting a prayer for the people who are sick at this moment.

    Barbara Villa

  • Por todos los que sufren el virus y por que Dios nos perdone nuestros pescados

    Rosalba Dominguez

  • That Michael returns to good health.


  • For all the people who are sick, old, poor, angry and helpless, and alone at home without help! Let us pray to the Lord for strength and wisdom and mercy! Thank you!


  • I need help. Bring Julio back to me .I want to feel happy and protectoed like before with Julio . Help him forgive me for my infidelity. I don’t know what else to do I have no one. Amen


  • For the healing of my cousin Lizbeth del Carmen Silva Almaraz. May she regain her full health.




  • Please pray for the health of Eva and Diane. That Eva doesn’t get cancer again, that Diane isn’t in pain from her stomach and gets well from her nerves. That she is not afraid at work. Also that all the St. Joseph’s Barbacue tickets get sold. Thank you.

    Eva Hernandez

  • That my husband Henry will conquer his need to smoke and enjoy better health to be able to help his family in time of need and love


  • My family and I request for a prayer for our dearest Dad, Jess, who was called to Heaven a few weeks ago. He is forever in our hearts and minds. We also ask for strength and faith during this seemingly unbearable time. Thank you.


  • Please pray for my sister and family, my family for unity. thank you and God bless you


  • God, Please help me with my financial situation and my health as well.

    Barbara Villa

  • I am requesting prayers for my loved one named Milton Rafael. He suffers from Mental health (Bipolar). Has suicidal thoughts, depression, anger, resentment. Please help me, in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Amen!

    Monica Perez

  • Hi, I am new to the Catholic Church. I am a former Jehovah’s Witness, then I had become atheist, while practicing Buddhism. After much academic study of world history and getting to know Catholic friends over the years, I came to the conclusion that The Catholic Church is who Jesus would choose to be in charge of all his personal belongings, since that is who is saving the most souls. These souls are saved from their own bad primitive instincts by following Jesus’ advice and being soothed at Mass. After that, there is the Bible. There is so much Christian heritage I missed out on being in that cult. I left in 2010. Please, make a prayer in my behalf, that I be healed enough to work, that my two sons be kept safe from evil, watch over my girlfriend, and that the Lord guide me as I write my Testimony to Him, that I not inadvertently write what cannot be canonized, that I stay true to history and not misinterpret forensic evidence, help me to stay in harmony with the writings and the intent of the Ancient Holy Writers. Please say this prayer for me. Also, please pray that the Lord help me get to baptism into the Catholic Church as my grandmother.

    Steve Gipson

  • Getting a job this new week and protection for my family and my husband


  • Getting a job this new week and protection for my family and my husband


  • Please pray for the following people: The Bloomberg family (Coe, Kathleen, Helga) William Ryan McKinney Sarah McKinney Amy Dundon Berchtold and James Berchtold


  • Please pray for the health and healing of Amy Dundon Berchtold.


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