Response to Complaints of Sexual Misconduct

The Archdiocese reports incidents of abuse, whether by clergy, staff, volunteers or others to law enforcement and collaborates actively with law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute abuse.

How are complaints or allegations of sexual misconduct handled by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles?

The Archdiocese treats all complaints of sexual misconduct seriously and deals with such allegations in a prompt, confidential and thorough manner with compassion and consideration for all those involved.

  • A complaint against an Archdiocesan priest or deacon, Catholic school personnel, or other Archdiocesan employee may be initiated in writing or by telephoning the Victims Assistance Ministry Coordinator at (213) 637-7650 or (800) 355 2545.
  • Complaints against Religious Order priests or Women Religious are made to their own Religious Superior. The Archdiocesan Victims Assistance Ministry Coordinator is able to assist directing such a complaint to the proper authority.
  • Complaints against parish employees or volunteers may be directed to the pastor or associate pastor of the parish in question.

How will the Archdiocese handle sexual exploitation or sexual abuse complaints if lodged against a member of the clergy (i.e., bishops, priests or deacons)?

When a member of the clergy is accused, a team (including the Victims Assistance Ministry Coordinator, the Vicar for Clergy, and a special fact-finder known as an Auditor) responds promptly to the complaint. In dealing with these, the Archdiocese will:

  • Make every effort to act in a way that protects people from being harmed, including relieving an accused priest or deacon from ministerial duties if there is sufficient evidence to support the allegations.
  • Comply with all civil reporting mandates governing sexual abuse.
  • Strive impartially to determine the facts and circumstances as accurately as possible.
  • Offer victims and their families assistance in obtaining psychological counseling and spiritual direction.
  • Deal as openly as possible with members of the parish community while respecting the privacy of the individuals involved and in accordance with Church law governing such situations.