Parish Job Fairs

“Work remains a good thing, not only because it is useful and enjoyable, but also because it expresses and increases the worker’s dignity. Through work we not only transform the world, we are transformed ourselves, becoming ‘more a human being’.”

– St. John Paul II, Laborem Exercens

The Office of Life, Justice & Peace in partnership with Flourish Now and the Knights of Columbus Southern California Chapter is hosting job fairs at churches throughout the Archdiocese. Each parish job fair offers the dignity of employment by connecting job seekers and employers within the community.

In need of work? Or looking to hire? Want to host a job fair at your parish? Visit

Parishes open their doors to serve people in the community in need of a job, and show that the church is welcoming, supportive, and building God’s kingdom in a very real way. These job fairs build economic security, and spread the joy of the Gospel, inviting people who might not otherwise enter the church to see the church in action.

Flourish Now markets the fairs, brings in 20-40 employers, advertises to the community, and trains church volunteers who would like to help. The church provides volunteers to mentor and coach the job applicants, helping them to craft their elevator pitch as they wait to enter the fair, giving them pep talks, and acting as a kind of father or mother figure for these young people who are trying to get a start in life.

“For when people work, they not only alter things and society, they develop themselves as well. They learn much, they cultivate their resources, they go outside of themselves and beyond themselves. Rightly understood, this kind of growth is of greater value than any external riches which can be garnered. People are more precious for what they are than for what they have.” – Gaudium et Spes