OneLife LA 2022


After years of experiencing the hardships and struggles of the pandemic, we are beginning to witness a glimmer of hope! Our world has been rocked with a great pain of loss and fear, but we have been given a task to be a people of light, a people of hope! God has tasked us to be missionary disciples, going into the world to witness to our neighbors, our sisters and brothers — to go #ForwardInHope!


See the joy of life that filled our streets today at OneLife LA!

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America after Roe || Archbishop Gomez

A post-Roe America will not mean the end of abortion. It will return the issue to the states to enact their own laws regulating the practice. My hope is that we will come together and seize this opportunity to create a post-Roe America where human life is cherished and cared for, and where the family is recognized as the true foundation of a just and prosperous society.

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