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Love consists of a commitment which limits one’s freedom — it is a giving of the self, and to give oneself means just that: to limit one’s freedom on behalf of another.

St. John Paul II

Love…what is love? This world we live in today has distorted the beauty of love, families, authentic sacrifice, and true intimacy that we are all called regardless of vocation or age. God himself loves us, died for us, and He Himself is LOVE. A great saint named Karol Wojtyla, known as the great St. John Paul II, took time to be with the youth and young couples to share what this true love of God looks like in a marriage and in life in general. These experiences led St. John Paul II to write the book Love and Responsibility. Those who married and spent time listening to JPII, had a 0% divorce rate. Why? Because he shared all about what true love is and the responsibility we all have for one another. In response to the crisis of identity in our world, Love & Responsibility is bringing forward the teachings on the truth about love by having speaker series on this particular topic. We first began to plan this for young adults; however, with this pandemic, the Lord has asked us to expand this message to the whole world and all ages. These webinars are now You Tube videos shared for the collaboration of others inspired to spread these teachings far and wide, until the world knows how to love and what it is to be fully human. We are united in the mission to form hearts and minds to love authentically inspired by the teachings of St. John Paul II.

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles will bring you the very first In-Person Love & Responsibility Speaker Series this Fall 2021.

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Love & Responsibility LA began with a simple conversation between friends desiring to bring and spread these St. John Paul II inspired teachings on Love to Los Angeles. One friend encouraged the other to check out the Love & Responsibility summer series in New York and that is just what she did. It was a beautiful experience seeing hundreds of young people gather to hear talks on authentic love and our humanity. There were people attending confession, adoration, and many religious orders present as the talks began and also fun fellowship afterwards. After returning, the momentum gained enough to prepare for the launch of the L & R summer series 2020 in Los Angeles. Bishop David O’Connell supported these efforts in the San Gabriel Region and the churches were ready to house these speakers for the five-week summer series.

AND then the pandemic hit, and our team asked the Lord if we should continue these efforts and how can we still move forward without being able to meet in person. There was a unanimous decision to begin this movement with a webinar summer series called, “What is Love?” beginning with Jackie and Bobby Angel. The Facebook and Instagram began to gain followers and the buzz continued as people watched during their stay in their homes. The talks reached those internationally and throughout the nation here in the US. This is how it all began…

Now with a 12 member team and an enduring mission to form hearts and minds to love authentically through the teachings inspired by St. John Paul II, we have continued on. The Love & Responsibility LA You Tube channel chronicles the webinars of 2020-2021 which include “What is Love?” “Vocation to Love” and the “St. Joseph Consecration with Father Calloway.” The book study summaries for “Men, Women & the Mystery of Love” with Edward Sri and chapter summaries for “Love & Responsibility” by St. John Paul II were also added. These You Tube videos are for the collaboration of others inspired to spread these teachings far and wide, until the world knows how to love and what it is to be fully human. We must press on my friends to redeem humanity to what she was created for: to receive, to give and to BE …Authentic LOVE!

And don’t forget to Love Responsibly.

“Vocation to Love”

View the full recording of our Week 2 Love & Responsibility “Vocation to Love” Webinar => “Reality of Marriage” – featuring Dr. Edward & Beth Sri.

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