Letters of Good Standing (Celebrets)

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Priests serving in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles who will be traveling outside the Archdiocese can request letters of good standing from the Vicar for Clergy Office.
To obtain a current letter of good standing, please provide the following information to Monica Burgos (MBurgos@la-archdiocese.org) in the Vicar for Clergy Office at least thirty days prior to the event or as soon as possible for unanticipated occurrences like funerals:


Your Name and Current Assignment
Event/Purpose of Trip
Name of Diocese you will be visiting
Name of Parish/Institution and City you will be visiting.
The original letter of good standing will be mailed to the diocese of destination. A copy will be provided to the parish of destination, and the requesting priest will also receive a scanned copy of his letter of good standing. In certain cases such as traveling overseas, you may request the original letter of good standing to take with you on your travels. All Associate Pastors should ascertain the consent of their Pastors to make proper arrangements for the home parish during the time away.