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Dean of Students

Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary High School (Montebello)






CSHM High School, a coeducational High School located in Montebello, is looking for a Dean of Students for the 2022-2023 school year. We are hoping to find a candidate who is passionate about education and inspiring young minds. Candidates with HS administrative experience are preferred. The complete job description for Dean of Students is provided below.

The Dean of Students is appointed by and responsible to the Principal for the general discipline and Christian conduct of the student body.

  1. Evaluates disciplinary policies and practices on an ongoing basis proposing modifications as deemed necessary.
  2. Acts as the school liaison with police departments, courts and other community agencies with regard to disciplinary matters.
  3. Provides for the supervision of students before school, during break and lunch, and after school.
  4. Makes arrangements with parents and the doctor in case of student illness or accident, notifying Principal immediately of such arrangements.
  5. Provides for the assignment of student lockers and for the upkeep and maintenance of the lockers.
  6. Provides an emergency plan in the case of disaster. Plans and conducts regular fire drills and the annual earthquake drills.
  7. Collects PSH Signed Agreements and suspends those who do not return them
  8. Confers with students and their families in cases of excessive absence, tardies or serious disciplinary matters.
  9. Deals with such disciplinary problems the teachers refer to him and is generally responsible for discipline outside the classroom.
  10. Asks for the assistance of the faculty in such matters as:
    1. Aiding in orderliness of hallways
    2. Checking bathrooms for behavior problems
    3. Supervising students in assigned areas of the campus during special schedules or other potential problem times.
    4. Supervising the dismissal of students after school.
  11. Consults with the Principal in serious discipline matters, discusses the state of school discipline with him and assists him in formulating school policy.
  12. Provides a disciplinary guidance program that will help the students in their growth toward self-direction through both preventative and corrective measures. Services should include:
    1. Instructing the students in their responsibilities and privileges, notifying them of the types of behavior and actions which are not acceptable, informing them of the methods which will be used to handle violations and the penalties which will be imposed as in the Parent/Student Handbook
    2. Maintaining written records on students who misconduct themselves and on the correspondence with parents concerning this matter
    3. Advising teachers on ways of guiding students toward self-discipline.
    4. Contacting and arranging conferences with parents
    5. Meeting with the Discipline Board concerning serious disciplinary matters and strict probation
  13. Monitors noise level of the academic wings.
  14. Maintaining standards of dress code as stated in the Parent/Student Handbook as a matter of daily routine. Page 30 of 51  Revised July 2014 Department of Catholic Schools Copyright © 2014 Roman Catholic Archbishop of Los Angeles, a corporation sole. All rights reserved.
  15. Administering disciplinary action for unexcused absence, truancy, tardies or any other disciplinary problem pertaining to attendance.
  16. Holding detention sessions in instances stated in the PSH.
  17. Administering suspensions in instances stated in the PSH.
  18. Keeping faculty and students informed of disciplinary regulations, orally and in writing.
  19. Determining involvement of teachers in discipline cases as to the need for their presence at conferences with the parents of students on probation or under suspension.
  20. Maintaining discipline at group functions such as Masses, assemblies, rallies, dances and other student gatherings.
  21. Conducts orientation for students and parents who enroll after opening of school.
  22. Attends and supervises at all dances, all home pre-season and all league football and boys basketball games.
  23. Supervising the student seating section at CIF play-off games.
  24. Provides a lost and found service for the school.
  25. Serves as a member of the Administrative Board, Administrative Council, and the Discipline Board.
  26. Assists in the annual revision of the faculty and student handbooks.
  27. Performs any other duties assigned by the Principal




  • Education: Bachelor’s degree (required)


  • Education: Master’s degree in Education or similar course of study
  • Experience: At least two years of experience as a HS Administrator
  • Classroom teaching experience
  • Bilingual speaking abilities

Please email resume and cover letter to Vice Principal Christine Shaw at

Information/Application Contact

Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary High School (Montebello)

329 N Garfield Ave

Montebello, CA 90640