Fertility Awareness

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul VI’s landmark teaching on birth control. While some claim that women’s liberation is tied to accessible birth control, the Church steadfastly proclaims that contraception is unhealthy for women and harmful for marriages. What’s more, science backs up these claims and offers alternatives.
God did not leave us with an impossible command! Instead, the Church offers a loving solution. Through the use of fertility awareness methods of Natural Family Planning, spouses can make use of the natural workings of their bodies plan or postpone pregnancy. For more information, please visit archla.org/nfp or call 213-637-7250.


FEMM is an acronym for Fertility Education & Medical Management. It is a comprehensive women’s health program that:

  • teaches women to understand their bodies and how to recognize hormonal and other vital signs of health.
  • provides women with support through its free FEMM Health App to help women track their health and reproductive goals.
  • provides accurate medical testing and treatment based on new research and medical protocols.
  • continues to conduct research to provide women with the latest diagnostic tools and treatments for their health.
  • offers training to individuals so that they can teach FEMM health tracking to women and training to medical professionals in the FEMM methods and protocols.

We understand the central role of reproductive endocrinology in the management of women’s health. Our goal is to empower women in the achievement of their health and reproductive goals by helping them gain a better understanding of their biology and monthly cycles. We then provide a comprehensive physical and lab workup to diagnose and treat the root causes of health conditions.


FEMM offers a comprehensive, integrated women’s health program. Our educational program teaches women about their monthly cycles and the important role it plays in their overall health. The FEMM app makes it easy to manage, track, and understand health and fertility. FEMM invests in ongoing research and medical education to bring the best and most up-to-date knowledge to women and their doctors.

FEMM collaborates with the Reproductive Health Research Institute (RHRI) to develop medical protocols that are science and evidence-based, and to standardize the latest advances in foundational and clinical research.

Our integrated program makes it possible to get all the help and information you need in one place. Our medical protocols provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment of hormonal imbalances, fertility issues, and related problems, not just management or suppression of symptoms. FEMM helps you to get the health care you deserve.

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Cycle Power Summit is a FREE, 4-day online conference that brings together the largest gathering of people who are passionate about understanding the power of the menstrual cycle. My amazing team and I have brought together educators, researchers, leaders, thinkers, and medical professionals to share with you what they are doing to change the face of women’s healthcare.

Who is Cycle Power Summit for?

  • For women. Women who want to change. Women who want answers.
  • For medical professionals who want to empower their patients and provide the very best in women’s healthcare.
  • For Fertility Awareness educators who are dedicated to knowing the latest in their field and value the power of being in this together.


Fertility Awareness and Natural Family Planning Awareness Week

Fertility Awareness and Natural Family Planning (NFP) allow women to understand their fertility and their bodies’ natural signs that indicate the working of their reproductive systems. That information can be used to help women achieve and maintain better health as well as pinpoint areas of concern. Because Fertility Awareness and NFP makes women aware of their cycles and their fertile and non-fertile times, it can help married couples achieve or avoid pregnancy in ways that respect the integrity of women’s mental, physical and spiritual health and are in keeping with the Church’s moral teaching and the desire for healthy marriages and flourishing families.

Fertility Awareness and NFP can be practiced in a variety of ways depending on what works best for the woman and/or the couple. There are apps, health trackers and websites that help record data a woman learns from her own body.

Hormonal Contraceptives: Women’s Health Concerns

The most common contraceptives used in the United States are hormonal contraceptives (HC’s), including birth control pills, the patch, the shot, and the IUD. 65% of women who stop using oral contraceptives do so because of side effects. Hormonal contraception has also been associated with depression,  breast cancer, heart attacks, stroke, blood clots, and causing early abortions. And the 40% dissatisfaction rate among women regarding their current form of contraception reflects that women want and need something better. Women deserve better than health risks, fear and shame around their bodies’ natural reproductive capacity.
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Catholic teaching against the use of contraception is based on theology – an understanding that God created each person to love and be loved, and the way our bodies work reflects that. Individuals or couples using contraception are invited to prayerfully consider a different way. NFP instructors and informational websites can help answer questions.
  • Visit archla.org/nfp to find a certified NFP instructor near you or call 213-637-7250.
  • Visit Natural Womanhood.com to learn how Fertility Awareness can improve women’s health