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Ministerio de la Catequesis para la Primaria

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“Middle childhood (ages 6-10), according to a long-standing tradition in many countries, is the period in which the Christian initiation is aimed at the initial understanding of the faith (first proclamation) and with the initiatory process introduces the child into the life of the Church and the celebration of the sacraments.”

-Directory for Catechesis 240

The Elementary Catechesis Ministry in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles is here to provide support for catechists and parish catechetical leaders as they minister to elementary aged children (6 to 11 years old) in their faith communities.

Elementary Catechesis is an area of ministry within the Office of Religious Education dedicated to recognize, celebrate, and maintain the unique expression of God’s presence in our children. We strive to support the gifts children bring to our world and specifically, to our Catholic Church.

We work with PCLs to provide training and enrichment to catechists who work with children, as well as offer individual parish consultation on topics related to faith formation and sacramental preparation of children.

For more information, please download the “Elementary Catechesis Ministry” brochure. (PDF Version) 


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