Purchasing/Mail Center

Telephone: (213) 637-7535

The Archdiocesan Purchasing/Mail Center “P/MC” Department is responsible for distribution of the Supplemental mailings (hard copy mailings that can not go via email) sent on scheduled dates throughout the year via U.S. Mail to 1,360 priests of the Archdiocese as well as Parishes, Deacons, Brothers, Religious Women and Schools.  An email service is also offered through ACES (Archdiocesan Community Email System).  These emails are sent to the same groups listed above from Foldermaster.

They are also responsible for purchasing and maintaining office supplies, equipment, furniture and computer equipment/Software. They assist the Archdiocesan employees and Pastoral Regions in printing materials and other duplication needs.  Shipping and Mailings are done through standard delivery systems such as U.S. Mail, United Parcel Service, FedEx and Inter-Office mail.



Our Staff

John Marmolejo

Purchasing Manager


(213) 637-7535

Administrative Team