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Deacon Ministry

Ongoing formation is a core value for all clergy in the archdiocese. Ongoing formation is necessary for the minister to enhance his spiritual life and his pastoral, leadership, and administrative skills. In this archdiocese, ongoing formation consists of two components:

  1. Continuing Education (a minimum of 20 hours per year), and
  2. Spiritual Development (including one annual retreat)

Deacon continuing education opportunities need to be in areas directly pertaining to diaconal ministry, which meet the following guidelines:

  1. Certificate courses, instructional seminars, workshops, or conferences
  2. Courses offered by archdiocesan offices (Office of Religious Education, Office of Worship, Office of Family Life, etc.)
  3. Courses offered by other diocesan offices or religious institutes
  4. College courses (attended in-person or online)
  5. Adult enrichment/faith formation courses offered at local parishes
  6. Regional deacon meetings which include a speaker (one hour may be claimed for each regional meeting up to a maximum of 4 hours/year)
  7. Self-study projects – individual reading, listening to tapes, viewing video, and other similar forms of self-learning (up to a maximum of 8 hours/year)

Please use the “Deacons in Ministry Continuing Education Log” to record your 20 hours of continuing education and annual retreat. (Fillable PDF)

Upcoming Events

Please check the “Deacons Upcoming Events” page for courses and workshops offered by Office of Deacons and archdiocesan offices.

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Recommended “individual” reading for continuing education hours:

The Joy of the Gospel:
Evangelii Gaudium
by Pope Francis
4 Hours Continuing Education

Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary:
Unveiling the Mother of the Messiah
by Brant James Pitre
7 Hours Continuing Education

Servant Leadership:
A Journey into the Nature of Legitimate Power and Greatness
by Robert K. Greenleaf
10 Hours Continuing Education

Lectura “individual” recomendada para las horas de educación continua:

Moral religiosa:
La vida ante Dios 
de José-Román Flecha
10 horas de educación continua

La paz interior 
de Jacques Philippe
3 horas de educación continua

La Alegría del Evangelio:  
Evangelii Gaudium
El Papa Francis
4 horas de educación continua

Deacons in Ministry

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