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Eimy Ayala

Leave of Absence/Wellness Administrator

Eimy’s Core Value is Positive Feedback, Growth, and Professional Knowledge

Eimy Ayala is the Leave of Absence/Wellness Administrator with over 12 years of Human Resources and management experience, predominantly within the retail industry. Eimy has been working with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles since August 2019. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration specialized in Management & Human Resources from California State University of Dominguez Hills. Eimy is currently working on obtaining her additional certifications in the Human Resources field. Her career in HR has been driven by a passion for helping, educating, and fostering the well-being of employees. Beyond the office, she prioritizes health and well-being, indulging in regular exercise and self-care routines. As a fun fact, she eagerly anticipates the arrival of fall each year, especially with the excitement surrounding Halloween. For inquiries or collaborations, feel free to reach out to me at or call me at 213-637-7471.

Core Value

Positive Feedback, Growth, and Professional Knowledge

Positive feedback, growth, and professional knowledge are essential to my approach as an HR professional. Offering positive feedback fosters motivation, boost a culture of appreciation, and adds to employee engagement. Embracing growth requires consistently seeking opportunities for personal and professional development, both for myself and the organization I support. Promoting a culture of continuous learning increases individual skills and moves the company forward in a rapidly evolving environment. Prioritizing professional knowledge underscores the critical role of expertise and competence in advancing my effectiveness and fostering personal growth. By staying abreast of industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies, I ensure that the HR strategies I implement are not only effective but also innovative, contributing to overall growth and success. This commitment to ongoing learning and adaptation ensures that my skills remain sharp and relevant, allowing me to continually enhance my contributions to the organization’s success.

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BY PHONE (213) 637-7471


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