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My tough breakup with the Dodgers

I can imagine the late great baseball legend Yogi Berra, a man who never met a malaprop he did not like, summing up the recent drama involving the Los Angeles Dodgers like this: “If you don’t like diversity, then get OUT!”

For several years now, the Dodgers have proudly hosted a “Pride” night in June to celebrate — in every sense of that word — the lifestyle of those with same-sex attraction. For someone who objects to the ideology that such events promote, I dismissed “Pride” night as really only one game out of the whole season, an unfortunate consequence of the influence that the movement has on corporate America.

That is going to change this June. Last month, the Dodgers announced they were going to make this June 16 the biggest “pride” night in all of baseball, honoring organizations they claim have done invaluable work on behalf of the community that “Pride” is all about. This year’s distinguished honoree was the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (SPI), a group composed of men who dress as women. More specifically, they dress like cartoonish and nightmarish versions of Catholic nuns. In a way, they are performance artists who put on “women-face” in much the same way as minstrel shows of the past had white people in blackface.

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