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Diego’s miracle: The lives saved by one man’s battle with cancer

“His faith was so humbling to all of us. And we saw that as anyone who came to meet him in all this, they, too, fell in love with him. They weren’t helping to do us favors, they wanted Diego in the best place.”

-Carol Sanborn

Diego sat up wearily in the hospital bed that had been a position of purgatory for him too many times already.

It was early January 2020. A bone marrow transplant at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to prevent the return of his lingering lymphoma had been delayed again. Reeling from chemotherapy treatments and transfusions, Diego saw another window of opportunity closing, his future again uncertain.

Carol Sanborn, who doctors and staff had come to know as his “American mom,” realized by this point Diego wasn’t fond of hospital food, so she brought him wonton soup from a local eatery. Opening a fortune cookie on his meal tray, Diego pulled out the small paper scroll: “You are guided by silent love and friendship around you.”

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