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Exhibit brings 250 years of LA Catholic history

Cathedral exhibit brings 250 years of LA Catholic history to life

Standing outside the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels on an overcast morning, Sister M. Anncarla Costello and Father Parker Sandoval were asked whose idea it was to have them co-curate the cathedral’s new, sprawling “250 Years of Mission” exhibit?

Glancing at each other, they answered, a bit sheepishly: “Ours.”

Once inside, it’s easy to see why. The exhibit’s “Mission” is evident and high-minded, intending, as Father Sandoval explained, to give visitors not only an intimate look at the churches in Los Angeles’ roots, but also a road map with clues that will strengthen it in the future.

Using everything from art and artifacts that harken to the missions’ very founding, to tapestry, painting, and color photography, the exhibit tells a story that Sister Anncarla called a “continuing expression of faith and devotion.”

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