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Dec 7

#ItStartsAtHome || How this Advent can free us from pandemic anxiety

“God is faithful. Scripture does not say that he will not allow you to be tried, but that he will not allow you to be tried beyond your strength.”

-St. Augustine


Has anyone been able to escape it in this year of plagues? Among them, there’s the obvious one, COVID-19. But others come to mind, too, themselves propagated thanks to this pandemic: loneliness; depression; suicide; pornography; addictions of all sorts. It goes on and on, and we want nothing more than for it all to go away. We want better. We want “normal.”

And yet, isn’t there some sort of irrational nostalgia that goes with this kind of longing? No matter what our world looks like, there is always a cross. Sometimes, as in this year, those crosses can feel more acutely overwhelming than others.

Thankfully, St. Augustine is here to put us in our place, now, at the end of the year 2020:

“Why do we now live in anxiety? Can you expect me not to feel anxious when I read: Is not man’s life on earth a time of trial? 

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