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Christian Churches Together

group of people gathering for a meeting

Christian Churches Together (CCT) provides a context – marked by prayer, worship, and fellowship – in which churches can develop relationships with other churches with whom they presently have little contact. CCT offers the possibility of face-to-face relationships with participants across denominational/Christian community lines or racial, ethnic divisions. Participants are members of Catholic, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Orthodox, African-American, and Protestant Christian Communions and organizations in the USA, witnessing together to the reconciling power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As participants grow closer together in Christ, differences are better understood and commonalities affirmed, and our Christian witness to the world is strengthened.

The CCT website contains several documents arrived at by consensus among the participants at past convocations, including a response to Dr. Martin Luther King’s Letter from the Birmingham Jail, a Pastoral Letter on the Persecuted Church, and a statement on Immigration Reform.



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