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All parishes in Los Angeles County must fill out and post Appendix A, ​ in a highly visible area outside the church.

5 Questions about the COVID-19 Vaccines Answered

We are grateful to finally have a vaccine against COVID-19. Recently, the development of these vaccines has raised several ethical questions among our Catholic community. This FAQ is intended to help Pastors, Teachers and Parish Leaders provide answers to the communities we serve. Please note that links to more in-depth resources are also provided below under Articles and Additional Resources.

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The Office of Life, Justice and Peace has hosted a webinar series to facilitate conversation and foster learning in the current pandemic. Learn more about COVID-19, vaccines available, the impact on today’s culture, and receive encouragement in your response as a parishioner, parish leader, family member, or healthcare profession.

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Ministry in the Time of COVID-19

Parish ministries are not meeting face to face right now. But, that doesn’t mean your ministry has to slow down! Now is a great time to reach new people, educate and form parishioners, and accompany those in need. Learn more HERE!

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