#TendernessRevolution || Lent 2022

Get in the habit of spending time each day, calling to mind the people in your life — your family, friends, loved ones. These are your first responsibilities.

-Archbishop Gomez

We are each called to become agents of God’s mercy in the world. If we truly seek to cultivate a revolution of tenderness and soften what is hurting in our world, then we must begin in prayer — praying especially for those people God has placed in our experiences and encounters.

So this Lenten season, our LA Catholics family is focusing on power of intercessory prayer. We invite you to spend time each day — praying for people by name. As you pray for those people, we encourage you to write their names down. Taking that step enables us to focus on the intentionality of our prayer and gives us a tangible reminder of the prayers we are lifting before God’s throne.

We created a Lenten Intercessory Prayer Journal to help keep you focused on this important calling.

How can you use it? Print a copy or download on your iPad or tablet. Use the space provided for each day and write down all of the names you are praying for that day. If you need help in starting your prayer, we have included daily prayers prompts. Those prompts are another reminder that we are on this journey together.

DOWNLOAD your Lenten Intercessory Prayer Journal here.

Praying for others every day is another important habit that we ought to develop. It helps us to grow in compassion, and to become less selfish and self-centered.

-Archbishop Gomez

Cultivating tenderness in the world requires us to share the love and mercy we have received from God.  One way to do so it to tell people you are offering specific prayer intentions  — it reminds them you care and that God is close.

We designed a few images for you to share with others. Simply save the images and share 1-to-1. You can text or email the image or even print one and write a personal note! Join the revolution and help us create a community of love and mercy!

Digital/Print Prayer Postcards
for healing
to encourage
extend gratitude

Intercessory prayer helps us not to lose hope.

-Archbishop Gomez

LENT 2022

Accompany your LACatholics Faith Family through 40 days of Lent!

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