Specialization in Christian Initiation

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Especialización en Iniciación Cristiana

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This specialization program is 1st for people who are parish Directors of the RCIA and want to deepen and clarify their doubts about the different aspects of the process. 2nd it is for people who have finished their Basic Catechesis and want to specialize in the RCIA process. Upon completion of the program you will receive a certificate for completing the specialization.

Session 1: Conversion and Discernment

Exploring with Candidates their readiness to enter the process Marriage issues other impediments

Session 2: Forming an Initiation team

Sponsor coordinator, catechists (dismissal and extended catechesis), hospitality coordinator, liturgist (priest), liturgical musicians 

Session 3: Supervising the formation process

Dismissal and extended catechesis (paragraph 75

Session 4: Celebrating the season of Lent

Rites of Election, Purification and Enlightenment 

Session 5: Celebrating the Sacraments of Initiation and follow-up

Mystagogy-Eucharist and Penance



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