Restorative Justice Ministries

Our Ministries:

The Office of Restorative Justice ministers to all those affected by crime and the criminal justice system. In the process, ORJ has helped to reduce recidivism by healing the inmates, their families, the survivors of crime and all the communities. From our Catholic perspective, we seek to go beyond the criminal behavior and meaningfully address the underlying issues of low self-esteem, alcohol and substance abuse and addiction. Our ministries are interconnected although organized broadly into distinct branches: 

Chaplains’ Ministry

Through this vital ministry and visitation program, Catholic Chaplains provide personal and spiritual support to incarcerated men, women, and young people.

Crime Survivors’ Ministry

Crime Survivors’ Ministry provides “Help, Hope, and Healing” to those individuals and families affected by crime.

Families of the Incarcerated Ministry

Families of the Incarcerated helps the families left behind when a loved one has been imprisoned. The mission of Families of the Incarcerated is to support these families and restore our communities to wholeness


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Restorative Justice Department

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