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The Office for Worship has prepared the following guidelines for Lectors. These guidelines apply to those ministering during Sunday Mass, as well as other liturgical celebrations. The purpose of these guidelines is to provide some general observations and principles on this important liturgical ministry of the Church. These guidelines define the intention of liturgical law relative to the proclamation of the Word, the demands of proper liturgical practice, and the expectations of the universal and local Church.

Ritual practices may vary from parish to parish; such variation may be legitimate. These guidelines, therefore, are not intended to impose absolute uniformity in liturgical customs. Instead, they are produced in a spirit of helping our parishes experience the proclaimed Word of God as a powerful celebration by offering some basic, essential principles required by the very nature of the liturgy (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy #37).

It is highly recommended that lectors in each community meet together regularly to discuss the theological as well as the practical and spiritual aspects of their ministry. These guidelines could serve as suitable material for study at such gatherings.


These guidelines define the contents of the liturgical law on this matter, and the expectations of the universal and local Church. *Updated April 21, 2021

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