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We know that it is important to have a solid retreat experience during the Confirmation Process. Though we would prefer to take teens away for an in-person weekend retreat, we know that option is not always available.

While the Youth Ministry Division is no longer providing a discounted rate, the Greater Confirmation Retreat is still available for parishes to use. This retreat experience continues to be a chance to create an environment for conversion and to give young people opportunities for real world encounters with the Jesus who loves them. That’s what preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation is all about.

To participate in this experience you will have to go through Project YM/Ablaze Ministries directly.

There are the 2 options to participate:

Option 1: $24.00 – Teens can sign up individually directly from the website. They get 45 days of access and a printable completion certificate. Coordinators will not have access to their progress.

Option 2: Parish Accounts. $89 one time fee to create account (fee is forever not annually). An SRL link is created and your young people can purchase the retreat with that link for $19 instead of $24.   With the parish account you’ll be able to track their progress, have access to all the content, shareable adult resources for parents and sponsors, discussion questions, and have the ability to purchase student licenses in bulk if you don’t want your young people to worry about paying separately.

For more information please contact:

Dayrin Perez at (213) 637-7643 or
Neira Sanchez-Garcia at  (213) 637-7580


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