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Two Pilgrimage Opportunities lead by CBI Teachers!

Ten-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land Chaplain’d by Vice Chancellor and Senior Director of Ministerial Services at the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Fr. Parker Sandoval with Fr. Mario Amore, April 8-17, 2024. Registration closes at the end of October 2023. Download Flyer Here (PDF)

A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land Under the Guidance of Rev. Sir Felix Just, SJ, PhD, KCHS Theological and Liturgical Formation of Deacons, Archdiocese of Los Angeles and Ms. Gail Gresser, MA Vincentian Lay Formation, Daughters of Charity Assisted by Mary Blanche, Music Ministry 15 Days: April 14 – 28, 2024. New Testament pilgrimage, focused on Jesus’ life. And sponsored by the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, Western Lieutenancy. Registration Deadline October 2023. Download Flyer Here. (PDF)


Lectio DivinaSt. Andrew’s Abbey

Bible and Lectionary ResourcesBuilt and maintained by CBI professor, Fr. Felix Just, S.J.

Augustine Institute Short CoursesMany excellent courses taught by CBI professors Michael Barber and Mark Giszczek, among others.

Threshold Bible Study by Stephen Binz“Cross the threshold to enter this dynamic, informative, inspiring, and life-changing series that helps you learn in an enticing new way. Each Threshold book contains thirty lessons, which you can use on your own for daily study over the course of a month or which can be divided into six lessons per week, providing a group study of six weekly sessions. Through the spiritual disciplines of Scripture reading, study, reflection, conversation, and prayer, you will experience God’s grace more abundantly and root your life more deeply in Christ.”

Catholic Biblical Association: Addressing Representations of Jews and JudaismCatholic and Jewish Biblical Scholars offer commentaries on the Sunday Scriptures. In addition, there are fact sheets to help navigate deeper questions of our relationship to our Jewish cousins.

Biblical Hebrew

American Jewish University, www.aju.edu offers online classes in Biblical Hebrew. Introductory classes in “Prayer Book Hebrew” are designed for beginning students using the textbook by Joseph Anderson, Linda Motzkin, Jonathan Rubenstein, and Laurence Wiseman, Prayerbook Hebrew The Easy Way, Hebrew | Online Jewish Learning | AJU Maven

Two-minute translations of a verse of the Hebrew Scriptures are available free on Daily Dose of Hebrew – Free Hebrew Video Lessons.

Free Hebrew lessons using Mark Furtato, Beginning Biblical Hebrew, are available on  Learn | Daily Dose of Hebrew.

Koine Greek

Two-minute daily videos translating a verse from the Greek New Testament are available free on Daily Dose of Greek – Daily Dose of Greek.

Professor Robert L. Plummer, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, on the same website offers free  Learn Greek video lessons using his textbook Beginning with New Testament Greek, Learn Biblical Greek | Daily Dose of Greek.

Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek

Fuller Theological Seminary, www.fuller.edu, offers academic programs for credit in Hebrew and Greek to those studying for a graduate degree. Application may also be made to Fuller for admission as a limited enrollment student.

Biblingo, Biblingo | Become a fluent reader of the biblical languages, offers online programs in Biblical Hebrew and koine Greek.

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