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Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God


The Ascension of the Lord


The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


All Saints’ Day


The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary


The Nativity of the Lord (Christmas)

the parish

There is a story of a married couple preparing to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. A
month before the event, the couple invited their seven children, spouses, grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren. The couple had only one request, which was everyone would sit at the dinner table,
and their seats must be arranged before they arrive!
Soon after getting the news, the descendants started arguing and fighting about who would sit at the
head of the table! They argued about if it should be the eldest son or daughter, the youngest sibling,
a grandchild or great-grandchild. However, when they found out the dinner table was round, the arguing stopped.
Building social recognition is a common practice for many people throughout their lives. Jesus saw many people, particularly civil and religious leaders, craving honor and recognition. Many societies treat individuals based on social status and reputation, often regardless of a person’s fitness or wealth. Something like, “how well am I viewed by others?”
is not an uncommon everyday thought.
Imagine beginning each new day, worrying about how others perceive you! You would probably focus on being an
important person in every social setting. If you are always working to improve your social status, when would you
have time for fun at social events? You would run low on energy, inner-peace, and freedom. We need to remind ourselves that our true honor does not come from people, but from God our Father in Heaven!
Today’s gospel teaches us a useful lesson; that is, our dignity comes from God, and we should never allow others to
diminish this honor. Authentic individuals never allow themselves to be enslaved by social perceptions and the wants
of others. Seeking favor and social status by catering to others and current trendy fashions are not our duty! Our duty
is to honor God.
For Jesus, the most important persons are “the crippled, the lame, and the blind.” Those of us who have been outcast
have humility – before God and others. Each day, if we begin by praying for those who are sick, lonely, abandoned,
and poor, we allow ourselves to share our blessings with them. By following Jesus in this manner, we are preparing
our seats in heaven. “Any person that is a friend of God is a friend of mine!” By embracing Jesus’ humility on the cross
each day, those who may feel poor in spirit are lifted up by God to a place of honor.
Occasionally, we are invited to sit at a place-of-honor at a formal wedding, anniversary, or any special banquet. Remember to arrive with the spirit of humility taught by Jesus in today’s gospel. If a host offers us a place of honor at
their table, then we humbly accept it. Otherwise, be honored by simply being in the presence of family, friends, and
God. Don’t fight or fret about social status or seats at a table. After all, the banquet or party will fade over time, and
the guests may forget who we are by the time they get to the parking lot!
True and lasting honor comes from our Father in Heaven. The only important seat is at the final banquet table with
Christ. Those places are reserved for those filled with care and compassion for others. When we try to shine, we are
indirectly trying to block God’s own light. When we are humble, we glorify God’s gifts, strength, and wisdom, and
amplify the light of Jesus Christ.
God bless!
Fr. Thai Le “

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