St. Matthias School

7130 Cedar St.
Huntington Park, CA 90255-5248 United States

(323) 588-7253

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St. Matthias Dual Language Catholic School, the only Catholic school in Huntington Park,  provides students in preschool through 8th grade the opportunity to learn in an environment that prepares them to navigate through challenges empowering them to lead academic, spiritual, and socially responsible lives.


St. Matthias Dual Language Catholic School es la única escuela Católica ubicada en Huntington Park, dando a los estudiantes desde prescolar hasta 8vo grado la oportunidad de aprender en un ambiente que les enseña a navegar las adversidades, fortalecerlos para que triunfen en sus estudios, y lideren su vida espiritual y social.


Saint Matthias Dual Language School empowers students to celebrate language, culture, and tradition in their pursuit of faith, college, and beyond.


 St. Matthias Dual Language Catholic School enseña y motiva a los estudiantes a celebrar el lenguaje, la cultura y la tradición en su búsqueda con la fe, la universidad y mas allá. 


​St. Matthias Dual Language School upholds the four cornerstones of Notre Dame Educational Philosophy: the dignity of the teacher, the worth of the individual, the centrality of religion, and the thoroughness of instruction.  As Christian educators we are called to share our faith and instill Catholic values in our students.  As facilitators of learning our program nurtures the intellectual, moral, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth of each child.  We believe that the educational process is a Christian journey that nurtures a lifelong love for learning and preparation for full participation in the life of the Church and the global society.  Our educational philosophy directs the school program to promote the development of the whole child.  Our faith community is based on Catholic faith tradition and the teachings of the Church and is built upon a partnership with the parents who are the primary educators of the children.


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Ms. Isela Martinez