St. Lucy School

2320 Cota Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90810-3230 United States

(562) 424-9062

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Mission Statement

At St. Lucy School, it is our aim that each student grow in their love of God, understand and practice our Catholic faith, learn according to their God-given ability, feel accepted, develop self-esteem and grow in awareness of the needs of others.  We recognize the uniqueness of each child as we foster life-long spiritual, intellectual, social, psychological, and physical growth.

Statement of Philosophy

​At St. Lucy School the staff endeavors to build a faith community based on Gospel values.  We cherish our partnership with parents and recognize that with the family we share the educational Mission of the Church.  We acknowledge the rich, multicultural background of our children as well as each child’s uniqueness.  It is our goal that all students feel accepted, develop Christian leadership skills and self-esteem, learn according to their God-given ability and grow in awareness of the needs of others within the context of our society’s challenges and transitions.

It is our commitment to foster spiritual, academic, and physical health in our students.  To do this we guide each student’s growing awareness of God’s personal love and response to Christ’s invitation to follow and serve Him throughout life.

With our help, students deepen their knowledge and appreciation of our Catholic faith and Church in order to contribute to its growth and effectiveness in the 21st century.  We develop each student’s full academic potential in a positive atmosphere of Christian leadership principles and critical and creative thought.

We aim to help each student become a well-integrated person with a healthy self-concept.  We assist students in dealing with their individual problems by fostering an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect based on Christian values.

We nurture in our students an understanding of their moral responsibility in society in the areas of compassion, peace and justice.  Finally, we encourage our students to maintain their physical well-being and health.

We work to achieve these goals by our personal example, how and what we teach in the classroom, and our effective partnership with parents and students.

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